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Karna bot is a bot created to simulate the roll system of Fate Grand Order.

General Commands

Command Description
k!help To learn about the bot
k!hello To say hello
k!give To give a cookie
k!charity To get a cookie
k!search To see the servants and craft essences in each summon pool

Gacha Commands

Command Description
k!roll To roll for one servant
k!ticket To roll for a guaranteed 5★ servant with a ticket
k!ce To roll for a Craft Essence
k!multi To roll for ten servants
k!servants To get a list of class specific pools you can summon from

Specific Pool Gacha

Command Description
k!saber To summon a Saber Servant
k!archer To summon an Archer Servant
k!lancer To summon a Lancer Servant
k!caster To summon a Caster Servant
k!rider To summon a Rider Servant
k!assassin To summon an Assassin Servant
k!ruler To summon a Ruler Servant
k!avenger To summon an Avenger Servant
k!mooncancer To summon a Moon Cancer Servant
k!berserker To summon a Berserker Servant
k!foreigner To summon a Foreigner Servant
k!alterego To summon an Alter Ego Servant
k!tales To summon servants from the Tales series

Sticker Commands

Command Description
k!eBagel Who doesn’t love bagels?
k!eCamp It’s camping, with Karna and Arjuna
k!eDaVinci Da Vinci is coming for you
k!eDog Who’s a good dog?
k!eEnki It’s Enkidu!
k!eFran It’s Fran!
k!eGrail Praise the Holy Grail
k!eIC Master needs to cool down too with some Ice Cream
k!eImFine Are you really?
k!eLove I love you too
k!eMissUs Maybe?
k!eMunch Munch Munch
k!eNoCookie But master, I want one~
k!ePie Is there something in there?
k!eSend SEND HELP!!!
k!eSleepy Are you tired Master? Maybe you should rest
k!eStar You’re special
k!eWait Please Wait

If you’d like to see more of my work, please check my art page:

Tales of

As a thanks to the help from the Tales of Crestoria community, there are many servants who originate from the Tales games. These servants are a permanent part of the servant gacha pools.


What happens when Karna Bot messages twice?

Please do not be alarmed when you see this, it just means that both my computer and Heroku are running the bot.


KarnaBOT has become private and is no longer able to be added into servers.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about KarnaBOT, please DM me Darren Tsukimi#2427


This is somehow an issue I need to address. Karna BOT is a discord bot; he has no connections to the FGO game and won’t make your luck any better. He is a simulation of the FGO roll system, not a modifier of the game.